Our Guiding Principles of Planning and Investments

Simplicity: The best answer to a personal financial question is usually simple- -sometimes obvious.  It’s the emotions that surround an answer which can be complex and demanding.  We work with our clients to help them address the real financial issues- -with a rational eye–and to avoid all the distracting and sometimes paralyzing “noise”.

Low Cost: We keep planning and investment costs low. This includes our fees, mutual fund expense ratios, commissions, accounting and legal bills, as well as ordinary income and capital gains taxes.  Emphasis on low cost index funds and passive strategies is a key to planning success.

Transparency: We will not buy an investment for ourselves or a client that is not fully “understood”.   If you think you understand a strategy that may fall into the categories of “derivative”, “synthetic”,  “new“  or “innovative“…………think again!

Objectivity:  We always hold uppermost the fiduciary’s duty to do what’s best for the client and never approach a planning challenge with bias towards a product or provider.  You may ask:  well, all financial advisers say that- -and few meet that standard.  Why should Cooper Lapman be different?   The answer lies somewhere in the “soft” facts about who we are…..hard-working, members of the Boomer generation, now pushing 60, in the same stage of life as those we are working with–able to identify with the same goals.

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